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Where did the guests go?

You have been planning your event for a month, maybe longer or even less time. The day has come, you have the details put together - the food, the decorations, the activities, the guest of honor is ready to go as well. You put up all the decorations, blow up the many balloons, the food is set out and displayed for anybody to eat. Guess what? You haven't gotten ready yet - you rush to change your clothes, brush your hair, almost forgot to brush your teeth. Thinking to yourself how excited you are for all to see what you've put together for the guest of honor.

You get done getting ready, the guests start arriving and say hello and head straight for the food. Where's the plates? Here you go. Silverware? Do we use plastics or real silverware? What about the serving utensils? Here you go as you give the first few guests what they ask for. You look up and there is line forming at the food.

Shoot, beverages they are left in the car. Rush out to the car, thankfully, it's been a cool day, so they aren't too warm. Grab a container for the ice, put out the beverages and run to the back kitchen to grab the cups. Look up again and guest of honor has arrived and all of sudden there is double the amount of people there already. Distraction by the guest of honor which means it's time to refresh the food.

Time for gift opening, get the guest of honor to the correct place for all to see and bring all the gifts to the guest of honor to open up. Everybody is smiling and taking pictures watching the gifts being opened. Laughter in the background and so much cheer. Don't forget all the trash, start gathering it all up and putting in trash bags after each gift so it isn't a huge mess after. Grab food trash as well while you are picking up gift wrapping trash. Cleaning as you are go, less work for after the party.

Guests start to say bye as they are leaving saying, "thank you for such a great party!" You feel overjoyed they had such a good time. Guest of honor comes up and gives you a hug and says, "Mommy, did you see my new teddy bear Grandpa gave me?" You look up and everybody is gone. You look down and realize you missed the entire party.

When you are planning events or parties you are working so hard throughout the event that you forget to spend time with the guests and even the guest of honor. Hire me for all those details to be taken care of, so you can be the one sitting next to the guest of honor smiling, taking pictures, eating the food and saying hello and goodbye to your guests while playing with your guest of honor's toys with him. You deserve this too!

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