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My Story

Why do I do what I do?! How did you get involved in event and wedding planning?!

These are questions I get asked regularly. Here’s my story of my start in Event planning:

Years and years ago, I was planning my own 1st wedding, with no budget in mind but had to put all of our crazy ideas together to present to our families so they can help us fund our dream wedding. I obsessed over it after my engagement for months. I planned the wedding in 5 different ways from a court house wedding to a destination wedding. It was so much fun, I couldn’t get enough of it!

My passion for planning events never went away which I’m extremely grateful for!!

In the past 15 years I have planned thousands of small parties like baby showers; child and adult birthday parties; weddings of ALL sizes - big and small; world class ticketed events; corporate events across the country through many different companies and now moving to share my experiences with others in their more personal social events.

Besides my professional experiences, my focus for 3Y Events, LLC is to help hard working families realize that they don’t have to be alone when planning their special social events with friends and family. There is no event too small or too big that we can’t handle. Every party or get together can be made from your ideas, your vision, to create the best memories possible!

Keep checking back to read more about real life examples of experiences I’ve witnessed and coordinated with social events. I will share ways that hiring an Event planner can help no matter the type of party you are putting together. An event planner can help in ways you never dreamed of so you can actually enjoy your memories you are trying to create with your family and your friends!!

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